At Kalo, we believe we are building a new way of working together and we want the best to come help us do that.

Make Work Beautiful

“I came only three months ago, and I already feel part of the family.”

— Gintarė Jančytė, Customer Operations

Make work beautiful

We take great pride in making all aspects of Kalo beautiful, both for our product and our people. Design-thinking is woven into the DNA of all we create, sell, build and do. We put people at the centre of everything. Because the purpose of our work is to make our customers work better. We commit completely to the highest quality by paying attention to every little detail of both our product and our company so we can all work beautifully, together.



This is more than a job for us: it’s a vocation. Working here should impact everyone’s lives in an awesome and positive way. We believe in our mission and expect total buy-in from everybody. So if we ever feel less than 100% about something, we challenge, listen and debate until we’re all in. So we only hire people who are willing to make sacrifices for the mission. Slackers need not apply.

Go Together

“We're not about the individual. We're all about the team, the collective, the effort we make together.”

— Peter Johnston, CEO and Founder

Go Together

The brilliance of building something beautiful with great people is why we’re all here. For us, the team matters more than individual: no one is ever more important than Kalo. This principle always shapes how we think, act and communicate. It’s why we stick with each other when times are tough and don’t seek to place blame when we make mistakes. We treat people as we’d wish to be treated.

Serious Fun

Serious Fun

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. We’re excited by the challenge in front of us. By the chance to play a part in building something truly great. But just because we all love being here, that doesn’t mean we’re just out to have fun. We’re extremely serious about our work even if we’re not about ourselves.

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