Apartment Therapy saves time and builds loyalty using Kalo

Apartment Therapy
Monthly visitors:1M+
Customer since:2017

The Company

Apartment Therapy Media is a digital media company with two platforms: Apartment Therapy, a home and decor site, and The Kitchn, a daily food magazine on the Web celebrating life in the kitchen through home cooking and kitchen intelligence.

The Challenge

Apartment Therapy Media works with over 300 freelance photographers, writers, videographers, producers, and even food stylists, who contribute daily to both websites. Their process for managing them was manual, time consuming and tedious, often resulting in essential documents getting lost in the shuffle.

The Solution

With Kalo, Apartment Therapy’s freelance managers saw over a 60% reduction in the time they were spending on administrative tasks and invoicing. By utilizing the Kalo platform they were able to consolidate all communication - creating consistency and transparency into everything related to Freelancer’s within their organization.

Kalo has empowered editors from all our teams to consolidate their assignments in one place, to keep tabs on assignments and remaining budget, and to have more ownership over the process of their assignments.

Lauren Orkus, Director of Operations


70%Reduction in freelancer onboarding time
95%Faster delivery of freelancer payments
40%Reduction in administrative time