Fandom powers a global audience of fan passion with Kalo’s Freelance Management System

Customer since:2018

Global pop culture media brand solves their freelancer organization and payment headaches with Kalo’s freelancer management system. For Fandom, their freelance contributors drive the content that powers their site. Their internal team was struggling to keep their freelancers organized, paid on time and most of all happy. Kalo brought efficiency and time savings to their organization.

The Company

Fandom is a global entertainment media brand powered by fan passion. Their pop culture website is one of the most visited sites in the word with over 160 million unique visitors every day visiting for the latest in games, Movies, TV, Video and more.

160million visitors per day
1FMS to oranize and pay their freelancers

The Challenge

Fandom provides a home to explore, contribute to, and celebrate the world of pop culture. From in-depth articles to engaging videos - carefully curated and fun, original multi-platform content is what drives Fandom. Their team works with an extensive, remote network of freelancers to write, edit, produce videos and more. Managing all of these freelancers was a labor-intensive and manual process resulting in a substantial administrative workload. The entire process of hiring and onboarding relied heavily on email, and without a centralized system, ended up being a big strain on their team. When it came to payments, there was growing tension between freelancers and internal employees. Freelancers were worried about being paid on time, and continually checking on status, and the internal employees were having to frequently check on the status of payments and troubleshoot issues, distracting both parties from doing their best work.

Having a searchable database of our freelancers shared between our team has personally saved me over 10 hours a week.

Beth Sallomi, Global Operations Director

The Solution

Fandom turned to Kalo as a flexible solution that could serve as their standalone freelance management system and integrate with their existing tools. They were able to get setup quickly, and within days their freelancers were invited to log in, create their accounts, fill out all the onboarding documents and accept tasks from the team at Fandom. Freelancers at Fandom are now given visibility into the process and can monitor status and progress on their own. They can log into Kalo and see when their payment has been sent to finance and when their invoice is approved, and when their payment is sent. This results in a huge reduction in time spent by internal teams that were previously spent tracking down status and dealing with payment issues. In addition, this has improved freelancer happiness and the overall working relationship between Fandom and freelancers.