How Group Nine Media leveraged Kalo to manage, scale and pay their 1500+ strong contributor network

Group Nine Media
Monthly visitors140M+
Customer since:2016

Freelancers are essential to Group Nine Media’s worldwide publishing operation. Onboarding, managing, and paying freelancers was consuming countless hours, not only causing frustration but pulling employees and the freelancers away from their core work. Learn how Kalo’s all-in-one freelancer management platform streamlined their processes and fueled their rapid growth.

The Company

Group Nine Media is one of the most influential digital media companies. They encompasses four networks: Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo, and Seeker. With news breaking at a moment’s notice, they rely on a network of over 1500 freelancers to help the company develop and produce cutting-edge content all over the world.

The Challenge

Group Nine Media worked with thousands of freelancers spread across the globe. They found it difficult to reliably track onboarding documents, assign tasks, and pay their freelancers.

The Solution

Kalo allows Group Nine to keep all records in one place while ensuring they stay compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Kalo has streamlined the way they work with freelancers, the company has seen a 25% reduction in time spent on the administrative tasks around freelancer management.

Kalo’s onboarding is great because there’s no wait time between when a freelancer is brought onto the system and when they can start working for us. That speed is invaluable because when a story breaks, we can get a freelancer on the ground as soon as we hear about it.

Dave Ugelow, VP Business Affairs


85%Reduction in freelancer onboarding time
90%Faster delivery of freelancer payments
25%Reduction in administrative time
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