Particle 6 Productions uses freelancers managed in Kalo to deliver video projects across the globe

Particle 6
Customer since:2018

Video production agency Particle 6 manages a flexible, project based business with Kalo. Particle 6 produces a variety of content, from scientific documentaries, to comedy shows for the BBC. As a small company that works with a global network of the best talent, having everything organized in Kalo allows them the flexibility to take on any project anywhere across the globe.

The Company

Particle 6 is Award-winning fully integrated media company with a scientific background. They specialize in making the complex accessible & entertaining. Particle 6 creates viral Content Videos for products and services.

The Challenge

As a small, but successful operation, Particle 6 saw their opportunities outpacing what their staff could produce. Without the ability to hire full time editors, producers, writers or cinematographers they needed a way to work with the best talent on a project basis. They found they could have flexibility they were looking mixed with the freedom to work with only the best talent, assembling the perfect crew for each job they worked on. They quickly found they needed a better way to manage and pay their freelance network as the admin work required soon became overwhelming and distracted them from their creative expertise.

I’m only able to grow because of our freelancers. Freelancers are the most important thing for our business. I need the absolute best editor, producer, writer and cinematographer on a job, and so I have to hire freelancers, because I can’t afford to hire all of these people in-house full-time.

Eline Van Der Velden, Founder

The Solution

Particle 6 was able to quickly and easily get started with Kalo and immediately saw the impact on their workload. Having their entire network of freelancers all accessible and searchable in one place, with their previous work history, rates, etc right there - made pulling together the right team for the right job simple. They cut down on their administrative hassles by taking advantage of Kalo’s onboarding, invoicing and payment system to standardize how they worked with freelancers, turning something that was a massive headache and distraction into a repeatable structured process. With the addition of Kalo their freelancers are happier, ensuring particle 6 will be able to work with them again and again on future projects.

The best thing about Kalo is keeping all of the important information about all of our freelancers in one place. It’s also great that if you’ve worked with a freelancer already on Kalo, you don’t even need to onboard them, you just add them to your team.

Eline Van Der Velden, Founder