Helping POPSUGAR manage 1000+ daily contributors

Monthly visitors:100M+
Customer since:2017

After seeing how the platform worked and all of it’s capabilities, it was immediately obvious to our team that Kalo was exactly what we needed.

With a team of 5 managing 1000+ contributors daily, I can’t imagine how we would keep everything organized without Kalo.

Our primary uses for Kalo include the organization of contributor contact information, contract information, assigning stories, and receiving invoices. We also use Kalo as as a way for all of our editors to communicate with one another and share feedback about contributors.

The more our editors use it, the more we are able to use Kalo as a database with valuable feedback on every contributor we’ve worked with or had contact with.

Since we started using Kalo, onboarding and invoicing contributors has become so much simpler. It helps us stay connected with freelancers without having to be in direct contact with them and also allows them to stay on top of their assignments and check on where their post is in the publishing process without having to reach out to our team.

Since using Kalo, the amount of emails I receive on a daily basis from contributors has been cut in half. Our teams are also able to see their budgets in real time, drastically reducing the amount of communication about budget issues.

Kalo was exactly what we needed. The amount of emails I receive on a daily basis from contributors has been cut in half.

Kelsey Kennick, Assistant Editor


50%reduction in emails between contributors and editors