RootsRated Media use Kalo to improve the quality of their content and save hours every week

Customer since:2016

Suzanne Loring is the Managing Editor of RootsRated Media, a content marketing platform helping clients connect with customers through high-quality articles about travel and the outdoors. She manages a global network of over 120 freelancers who create content for brands and travel companies. Their job is to get people excited about the outdoors, and it’s working better than they could have imagined.

Over time, Suzanne and her editors struggled to keep track of their freelancers’ details. They were using spreadsheets for names and contact details and HelloSign for contracts and tax forms.

But there was no way to easily find out who had travelled to a location before and could write about it. Or who the highest quality freelancers were in their network. Or even if every freelancer had the right documents signed.

After learning about Kalo, Suzanne was excited to see it could keep all the company’s freelance writers’ information in one place. She sent over her spreadsheet of data to the Kalo’s Customer Success team and within days that data transformed into individual freelancer profiles with contact details, location, skills and previous work. RootsRated had its own interactive writers network.

And Kalo not only helped create a writers network that all the the editors can access and contribute to, it also helped improve the quality of the freelancers they work with.

Kalo is a much more efficient way for our editors to identify someone quickly that would be perfect for a project, rather than just relying on someone that we know could do the job even if they’re not the best person. So it’s allowing us to diversify our writers network which is great, and necessary.

We’re finding people much faster than we were before, and we’re using a much larger variety of people, which is really key because we’re getting better quality work out of it.

As an example, Suzanne recently had an international project:

We were scrounging around for a writer for this project, and we didn’t have anyone off the top of our minds that we could just call and ask to write the articles.. But then we did a search on Kalo and found a random writer who had done one or two pieces for us in the past. She was from the US but had actually travelled and lived in the country we were writing about. Having that on her Kalo profile quickly brought her to our attention, and she ended up doing all the articles for that project and did an amazing job on them.

Who would you recommend Kalo to?

Anyone working with a network of freelancers. Kalo really makes it easy to keep your list organized and helps keep all necessary information for each person in one place.

Suzanne Loring, Managing Editor