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Using Kalo to Connect The Economist Intelligence Unit to their global network
of freelance writers.

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The Economist chose Kalo as the all-in-one platform to create a system of record for all their contributors. By organizing all of their contributor contact information, contract information, assigning stories, and receiving invoices they transformed the way their editors and contributors worked together.

“Kalo is a platform that has genuinely changed the way we work, our network of contributors now have one single point of communication with The Economist Intelligence Unit for finding work and getting paid.”

– Hilary Steiner, Director of Consulting for Public Policy

Kalo keeps the Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s global content engine functioning.

Countries worldwide
Contributors to the Economist Intelligence Unit
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The Company

The Economist is one of the most widely recognized and well-read current affairs publications, with a growing global circulation of around 1.5m readers and a reputation for incisive analysis and opinion on every aspect of world events.


Contributors are at the heart of the Economist’s work, as an organization, they cover so many topics and themes, from global migration trends to the future of big data, they draw on people with all kinds of skills and backgrounds. Before Kalo, to find contributors, we relied on word of mouth recommendations, water cooler ‘serendipity’ or various disconnected contributor spreadsheets. It was inefficient, and there were many ‘unknown unknowns.’


After seeing how the platform worked and all of its capabilities, it became clear to the editorial team that Kalo was exactly what they needed. With a group of 5 managing 1000+ contributors daily, the organizational capabilities of Kalo proved invaluable. The team’s primary uses for Kalo include the organization of contributor contact information, contract information, assigning stories, and receiving invoices. Kalo also serves as We as a unified communication layer, allowing editors to communicate with one another and share feedback about contributors.

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