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Kalo is the one-stop-shop for everything freelance at your company
The Kalo Platform
OrganizeEscape the spreadsheets. Make life easier.
  • Search by skills
  • Categorize into groups
  • Tag skills and leave notes
  • Store documents
  • Store rate cards
  • Store portfolio
  • Track social media and website information
  • Work history
  • Track availability
  • Team history
  • Track custom information
Pay freelancers easily on time, with Kalo
PayPay freelancers on time, with ease.
  • Collect W9s
  • Pay freelancers
  • Export reports
  • Track budgets and cost codes
  • Track and approve invoices
  • Manage freelancer expenses
  • Generate and file 1099 forms
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IntegrationsKalo integrates seamlessly with the apps and systems you use everyday
Kalo Integrations

Within minutes of uploading our messy spreadsheet to Kalo, our data had transformed into freelancer profiles and Surface Magazine had its own interactive freelancer network.

Lily WanLily Wan, Managing Editor, Surface Magazine
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