“Kalo organizes our freelancers in one simple dashboard, accessible by our whole company. We can upload and categorize the freelancers, tag skills and keywords, leave star ratings and more.”

Hilary Steiner

Hilary Steiner
Director of Consulting for Public Policy

Search by skills
Search by skills

Find the right person for your project. Build a searchable rolodex of freelancers based on skills such as photography, copywriting, videography and graphic design.

Categorize into groups
Categorize into groups

Whether it’s a group of ‘Highest Quality Writers’ or ‘Please do not hire again’, you can organize freelancers into categories to fit your team’s needs.

Tag skills and leave notes
Tag skills and leave notes

Tag your freelancers with different skills and leave private notes on their profiles that only your team can see.

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Store important information
  • Documents

    Store contracts, NDAs andresumes all on your freelancer’s profile, easy to search and find.

  • Rate cards

    Whether it’s day rate or hourly rate, store rate cards so you can know if your freelancers are within your budget.

  • Portfolio

    Whether it’s photography, design or videography, have freelancers sync their portfolio to display on their profile.

Rate Cards
Social media
Work history
Team history
Custom information
Track important information
  • Social media

    Track your freelancers’ social media profiles and follower counts.

  • Work history

    Track the projects your freelancers have worked on before for you along with their broader client experience.

  • Availability

    Track your freelancer’s availability so you can find the perfect freelancer on time for your project.

  • Team history

    Track who on your team and across your broader company has already worked with your freelancers before.

  • Custom information

    Configure the fields you want to track on your freelancers, whether it’s storing your freelancer’s favourite colour or willingness to travel for the project.

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