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Use Kalo to onboard freelancers, store their contracts, see their availability and track all work they do with you. Our team is always on hand to guide you with best practices for freelancer management.

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Assign freelancer tasks with built in agreements

Create and assign freelancers tasks with timelines, descriptions, and rates. When your freelancers accept a task, they know what's expected of them and automatically agree to your terms.

“Kalo is a much more efficient way for our editors to find someone quickly... it's allowing us to diversify our writers network which is great, and necessary.”

Suzanne Loring — Managing Editor

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Pay your freelancers in under 5 days

There is always competition for the best freelancers, pay your quickly and on time to ensure they want to work with you again. Kalo facilitates payments to 120+ countries world-wide.

“We use Kalo to review and manage article submissions and to generate invoices and coordinate payments to our freelance writers.”

David Maifrini - Controller

Generate Invoices

Set budgets and monitor spend in real time

Set an overall budget for a week, month or specific project and as work is completed you can understand your spend, remaining budget and keep the right people informed without passing around spreadsheets.

Set budgets and monitor spend

Review and share feedback with your teammates

Share freelancer ratings with your company to make sure you rehire the best talent for the task at hand.

Leave comments and provide 1-5 star ratings on their skills and attributes.

“Since starting, we have scaled from 75 to over 200 contributors. We wouldn't be able to grow our contributor program without Kalo.”

Lauren Turner - Director, Editorial Operations

Review and share feedback

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