Track all your freelancers invoices and
pay them in 3 days

Collect all invoices
in one dashboard

Approve, decline, and send invoices for payment,
and integrate with your existing Accounts Payable software.

Automated invoicing

Freelancer expenses

Once a freelancer submits their invoice they can upload itemized expenses associated with the task for approval.

Freelancer expenses

Approve invoices

Once a freelancer has submitted their invoice and expenses, you can build invoice approval flows, ensuring your freelancer invoices get in front of the right people for sign off.

Approve Invoices

Define your freelancer payment schedules as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Once your payment schedule is defined and your invoices are approved, Kalo pays those invoices, with money landing in the freelancer's bank account within 3 days.

Define payment schedules

Pay freelancers quickly
around the world

Once invoices are approved in Kalo, we pay your freelancers within 3 days, providing you with a monthly finance report with everything you need to know.

Pay freelancers quickly

The team at Kalo were very adaptive and accommodating to our specific requirements and payment schedule. Many of the system enhancements suggested by our team to Kalo had been implemented within days. We look forward to working with Kalo as we grow our business!

David Maifrini

David Maifrini

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