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Create custom onboarding templates

Kalo lets you build different onboarding forms for different types of freelancers. Whether it's photographers, writers or designers, international or domestic, you can create different forms and attach the appropriate contracts.

Custom onboarding templates

Invite freelancers to onboard via email or link

Once your onboarding forms are set up, simply invite your freelancers via email or generate a link to the form to share with them. You can then track the completion status of their onboarding form.

Invite freelancers via email

Freelancer sign up

Freelancers can easily sign up on their mobile, completing all required information and signing your contracts. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Self onboarding

Onboarding our contributors is as simple as sending an invite to Kalo.

Hilary Steiner

Hilary Steiner
Director of Consulting for Public Policy

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Build your own index of freelancers in minutes, whether it's managing writers, designers, photographers or researchers, Kalo is built to manage digital creators.

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