Everything you need to onboard, manage and pay your freelancers

Kalo is your system of record for everything freelancer

From super-fast onboarding, tracking who your freelancers are, their skills and rates, to assigning them work, collecting their invoices, Kalo is the first platform that does it all.

Automated invoicingAutomated invoicing

Kalo brings peace to the madness of working with hundreds of freelancers.

Hilary Steiner

Hilary Steiner
Director of Consulting

Kalo is used by some of the world’s most creative companies to manage large networks of digital freelancers. Whether that’s writers, photographers, designers or researchers, Kalo makes it seamless to scale your freelancer army.

Kalo brings peace

Why companies love Kalo

Onboard freelancers in 1 day

Typically before Kalo, onboarding freelancers takes 1-2 weeks. With Kalo, you can onboard your freelancers and start working with them in 24 hours.

Pay freelancers in 3 days

Typically before Kalo, our customers are paying freelancers on net 30-60 day terms. Kalo enables you to pay in 3 days, anywhere.

45% increase in freelancer happiness

With Kalo's net 3 day payment terms, after just one month, freelancers report a much higher NPS score.

Kalo automates all of the admin and process headache around freelancer management which allows our teams to focus on getting work done – it is a critical part of our day to day.

Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner
Director of Operations

Kalo Products


Kalo’s management platform enables you to onboard freelancers, manage profiles, assign tasks, track invoices and integrate with your existing systems.

Kalo Pay

Kalo Pay enables companies to pay your freelancers in 3 days in 195 countries. You get one invoice from Kalo, not hundreds from your freelancers.

Kalo integrates seamlessly into your existing tools and workflows

Kalo is the only freelancer platform that enables you to integrate with the systems you use today.

Whether it’s Docusign during onboarding, Slack for communication, or Quickbooks for invoices, Kalo’s goal is to make it easier for you to work with freelancers, not create more work.

Integrating with Kalo

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Build your own index of freelancers in minutes, whether it's managing writers, designers, photographers or researchers, Kalo is built to manage digital creators.

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