Track all your freelancers in one place

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Use custom onboarding forms to easily invite and collect the relevant information from your freelancers.

Manage all ongoing work with your freelancers

Assign tasks with descriptions, timeframe and deadlines so you and your freelancers are always on the same page.

The Economist Intelligence Unit

Kalo has genuinely changed the way we work.

Hilary Steiner Hilary Steiner — Director of Consulting for Public Policy

Set budgets and monitor spend in real time

Set an overall budget for a week, month or specific project and as work is completed you can understand your spend, remaining budget and keep the right people informed without passing around spreadsheets.

Accept and approve invoices from your freelancers

Set up approval flows to ensure your team can quickly receive
and approve invoices from your freelancers.

Pay your freelancers on time and with ease

Pay out all approved freelancer invoices in 70 countries.

Review and share feedback with your teammates

Share freelancer ratings with your company to make sure you rehire the best talent for the task at hand.
Leave comment and provide 1-5 star ratings on their skills and attributes.


We also use Kalo as as a way for all of our editors to communicate with one another and share feedback about contributors.

Kelsey Kennick Kelsey Kennick — Assistant Editor

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